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Advanced Download Manager Mod Apk v14.0.5 (PRO Unlocked)

Advanced Download Manager Mod Apk v14.0.5 (PRO Unlocked)
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Advanced Download Manager Mod Apk (ADM) is open-source software that allows us to download files in bulk from the internet. By default, Firefox can only download one file at a time. As you may have noticed when downloading big files i.e. iso files, for instance, it can be pretty slow, and in some cases, it can even fail due to connection problems or interruption of the server we are downloading from.

ADM solves this problem by allowing us to queue more than one download simultaneously thanks to its multi-connection technology which allows up to ten simultaneous connections per downloader, hence boosting download speed drastically and allowing more accessible and frequent downloading of files from the internet and Also Check out Very Little Nightmares APK.

advanced download manager pro apk

In addition to that, ADM offers us plenty of advanced features such as scheduling downloads (daily, weekly or monthly), resuming interrupted downloads, and even splitting the downloaded file into several parts to make it fit a smaller medium like floppy disks for example.

What is Advanced Download Manager Mod Apk

Advanced Download Manager Mod Apk is a modded version of ADM which has been developed by an unknown group of people to make this software available for free without having to pay for it. This version offers even more features than the original one such as supporting several download managers such as IDM and Orbit with the help of plugins, or a built-in browser that allows us to search for content directly from the manager’s user interface, an ad blocker, and even a video downloader.

You can download this modded version of ADM from their official website ( ). To install it you must have a rooted android device with ClockWorkMod recovery installed on it since the mod apk file will not work in any other kind of recovery environment.

advanced download manager apk

That being said the installation process, as well as the user interface, is identical to that of the original Advanced Download Manager app so you shouldn’t face any difficulties at all when using this modded version for downloading files from the internet. Just like before you can still queue multiple downloads simultaneously which is one of ADM’s basic features but now you also get advanced features such as ad-blocking, video downloader, or multiple custom download managers without having to pay a single cent.

Features of Advanced Download Manager Pro Apk

There are three options available to choose from (normal, aggressive, and insane) which will automatically boost your Advanced Download Manager Pro Apk speed up to five times by splitting the downloads into several parts for them to fit onto a smaller medium such as floppy disks for example.

advanced download manager pro v6 4 0 cracked apk


You can resume paused or interrupted downloads whenever you restart your device or whenever you want. This is a great feature that has been implemented by the developers for us to avoid wasting time on downloading all of the files again since they’ll be all ready downloaded onto our android devices.


We can set ADM to send us notifications every time a download is finished such as ETA (estimated time of arrival), the estimated size of the downloaded file, etc. This is an optional feature that can be enabled or disabled anytime we want.

advanced download manager for pc


Advanced Download Manager comes with a built-in browser that allows us to search for content directly from ADM’s user interface so we no longer have to exit the application anymore and access the browser to search for more files. As I’ve mentioned above this feature is particularly useful if you’re planning to download a large number of files from the internet since it will save you a lot of time by not having to constantly switch between ADM and your default web browser.


We can use ADM’s scheduler to schedule daily, weekly or monthly downloads. This is especially useful if you want to download large files over a long period so it doesn’t interrupt our regular activities on the device.


Advanced Download Manager supports plugins that will allow us to add support for other software such as IDM, Orbit, and even YouTube downloaders without having to install them on our Android devices separately. This is a great feature because it saves us time and space which can be used for other resources instead.

one download manager mod apk

Youtube Downloader

We can directly download YouTube videos with the help of ADM’s integrated plugin for YouTube. Just head over to the plugin section under Advanced settings and follow the instructions there to download YouTube videos directly onto our android devices.

Ad Blocking and Video Downloader

The app comes with ad blocking and a video downloader built into its user interface just like the original version from Google Play but without having to pay a single cent for it! Adblocking will help you save money by stopping advertisement pop-ups and website redirections on the web while the video downloader option will allow you to save online videos from websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook to watch them offline later.


There are tons of options available for Advanced Download Manager users which can be accessed by hitting the menu button or simply swiping your finger from left to right at the top. These options include Managing downloads, Scheduler settings, Plugin settings, About ADM’s menu, and System preferences.

Options Apk

If you’re looking for even more customization options then you should head over to the Options Apk which has been developed by advanced users who managed to port a lot of new features over from the original version such as Video save directory, File size unit options, Auto retry the download, etc. This version also supports download resuming in case you want to pause and continue downloading files at a later time instead of restarting from the beginning.

Key Features of Advanced Download Manager Mod Apk

  • light material design
  • Ad-blocking
  • video downloader
  • download resuming
  • scheduler
  • plugins support
  • priority options
  • Language translation support
  • file size unit option
  • auto-retry download
  • file deletion after successful download
  • swipe finger left to right to access more options
  • video save directory option
  • resume download in case of a network failure
  • file size and name customization
  • multiple connections for a single file
  • URL grabber
  • selective download for a list of files
  • background download option
  • pause and resume downloads anytime you want
  • autostart download on boot

How to Download and Install Advanced Download Manager Mod APK for Android

Before you download the Advanced Download Manager Mod Apk for Android please check and see if your device is compatible with this version by going to Settings> About Phone.

The first step you want to do is hit the link below to download ADM’s latest version. After the download completes make sure you enable unknown sources from your phone settings to install the application.

Step 1. Download the Latest Version of Advanced Download Manager Mod Apk from here.

Step 2. Once ADM’s downloaded, go to your phone Settings > Security (or Privacy) and then check the option Unknown Sources (to enable installation of third-party apps), then hit OK.

Step 3. Now open the file manager on your phone and navigate to the directory where you saved Advanced Download Manager Apk Mod to install it. After pressing the APK, follow the instructions on your screen and wait for a few moments until ADM’s done installing itself onto your device.

Install apk 202

Step 4. Once installed head over to the app’s main menu or simply launch the application from your app drawer.

Step 5. If this is your first time using ADM then head over to the settings menu and follow the instructions to get things up and running.

Advanced Download Manager Mod Apk FAQs

You can find an option to delete the application from your phone’s Settings menu or you can simply delete it from your device’s app drawer.

I’m having trouble downloading files with ADM, what should I do?

Make sure to disable your default ROM manager app from running in the background and check your internet connection since both factors are critical for a smooth download process.

What’s the difference between the regular version of Advanced Download Manager and this one?

The original version is only compatible with a single device while the mod version is meant to be used on multiple devices because it doesn’t have any restrictions. Also, the mod version is updated weekly whereas the regular version’s updates take place every few months.

How can I choose a custom save location for my videos?

You will have to download an app called Folder Selector from Google Play Store and select your desired folder. After that make sure you enable the option “Use Custom Dir” from Advanced Download Manager’s Settings.

Can I use ADM to download paid apps?

You can use it to download paid APK files but you won’t be able to install them unless you patch them with Lucky Patcher. After that, you can also use Advanced Download Manager to download paid APK files.


If you still have any doubts regarding the compatibility of this version, its features, or if you need help with something else related to Advanced Download Manager Mod Apk then please state your issue in the comment section below so we can get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

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