Hotstar MOD APK V12.0.1 Download IPL Free (Premium Unlocked)

Hotstar Mod APK Free is one of the top-rated live-streaming apps. You can watch your favorite TV shows and film sports news on this app and many more dramas. But this feature is only available in the paid version, which you have to download Hotstar Premium APK, which you will be able to get the Hotstar Premium Mod APK service for free.

As everyone knows, Hotstar is the most popular app. The app lets you quickly watch thousands of TV shows and movies, which you can manage through this app, cricket, football, and many more programs. Those who have been given games can also see them. You select anyone and who will direct the stream.

If you don’t know anything about Hotstar, today we’re going to give you all the information. Because you’ll also know, what is Hotstar? and what is Hotstar Premium Mod APK? Are we going to provide you with full details about it and even tell you what Hotstar’s VIP plan is? I will give you all the information below. That’s what Hotstar’s VIP plan is.

You can get information about it. And all these features we are going to give you all service free through a Hotstar Premium Mod APK. So read this post comfortably. I will be able to get this information carefully and all for free.

Hotstar is a platform that creates TV serials under its name and uploads to the Hotstar platform, as its users can watch TV serials and Also, movies are also uploaded, which are uploaded to all the film of the whole world if you like in Hindi, you will get it in the Hindi, language. If you want English, then you will get movies and TV series in the English language also.

If you want to watch Hotstar movies and TV serials for free, you have to download Hotstar Mod APK for free; only then will you stream or download it online. I will be able to.

Hotstar Mod APK

Hotstar MOD APK

In February 2015, Hotstar launched a streaming service on behalf of Star India, which provides video streaming services, known as Hotstar mod apk Free.

We have already told you that Hotstar has made movies in 17 languages, which can be selected by viewing all 17 languages ​​of 12 countries of their choice, such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malala, Canada, Marathi Bengali, Gujarati, And the language of the whole world is the most popular, that is, you can watch movies in the English language also.

Download your Hotstar Mod Apk from here. You will get a good working app from this link. You will able to watch the premium content of Hotstar from this apk. This Apk is a 100% working and advanced version of Hotstar real apk.

Hotstar is currently offering excellent facilities, such as the US, Canada, the United States, etc. Countries provide video streaming services, dubbing English, Hindi, and other languages. Suppose you choose the language of your choice. So one can watch TV serials in those languages.

Hotstar is a platform that streams cricket, and today cricket live seen on most Hotstar in the whole world. If you are fond of cricket, then you must have used Hotstar.

Two years ago, Hotstar offered its services for free, but nowadays, all the plans of Hotstar have become premium, which movies and TV serials. And to watch the cricketer sports category, subscriptions have to be taken.

If you have ₹ 399, you can take the answer question; otherwise, it is not, then use our given mod version, and you will be able to see all the services for free.

If you want to get more information about Hotstar, get the information below.

What is Hotstar Premium APK

Do you know Hotstar if you don’t know what the Hotstar app is? So let’s tell us about that too. The Hotstar Premium apk is an Android application and is also available on the website.

This Hotstar is one of the digital entertainment platforms, which people use more to watch online TV shows, live movie matches, and serial news. When it comes to the highest use, it is made in cricket.

That today is cricket in the world, and most of them use this app in India. Because it is an Indian app, Video on the diamond and live streaming services have also been entirely provided inside the Hotstar app.

Hotstar was also launched on February 6, 2015. You should know about it. That’s when Hotstar was found. So we told you when it was launched. While also available on the Android platform and made available on iOS, fire TV.

Which is Apple’s TV, has also been made public. This Hotstar app has been made available on many such platforms. It is using more entertainment.


Do you want to take a Netflix account for free or a Spotify premium account for free? If you want to take all these premium services for free. Then you have given the download button below.

You can download it directly by clicking from there. All you have to do is download the mod version and install it on your Android device. Then get premium services for free.

Netflix Mod APK

As you know, the free version you don’t get to see on TV, movies live matches, serial news movies, Hollywood, Bollywood, something like that. But you will find it in Hotstar premium and VIP plans. So we’ve given you a Hotstar Premium Mod APK to download. So you can use it.

Hotstar Premium Mod Talking about APK, this is the modified version of an app. Which app is unlocked. So, whatever premium versions there are. Their features are unlocked. With a mod version, you will not find ads because the advertisement has been freed.

Some developers of the app have developed this mod. Suppose you want to know Hotstar premium and revised version plans. So you will find channels. As Star Plus, Star India, Star Sport, HBO, Star World, Star Jalsa, Star Effect are some such tracks.

Which will meet? But all of this premium is found in the version. So you have to download a Hotstar Premium Mod APK. Open your Android and install it. You will be able to see all the premium rites version without login.

What is Hotstar Premium / VIP Plan?

In today’s time, the Hotstar Premium VIP plan is the most used. But some friends don’t know what the Hotstar VIP plan is? So we are going to give you information about it.

Hotstar VIP Plan is a new subscription plan for Hotstar. Hotstar has launched this plan to hit the DTH operator.

As Hotstar has a plan, VIP Hotstar has Hotstar in it to give its users an add-free content experience and give you live stream TV, shows, and movie services. But it doesn’t run for free. You have been given the price of a Hotstar VIP subscription of ₹ 365.

Which you will be able to use for one year. But if you download our given Hotstar Premium Mod APK. On your Android device, you don’t have to pay ₹ 365 per annum. Because all these facilities are getting you in the mod version, this facility is perfect for Dish TV channels.

Hotstar Mod APK Features

Hotstar Mod APK is the most searched application on Google, running on the most trending in today’s time. Now you don’t have to go to another website somewhere.

You will be able to download such posts from here. Hotstar Mod is downloading apps and getting facilities for free as you can get premium services and get the Hotstar Premium Mod version.

  1. When you use this app, you will find a TV channel. You will have been given a lot of TV channel options. They can view the program by clicking on one track as it is going to get you more than 14 channels.
  2. In this Hotstar Premium Mod APK version, you will get a lot of movie options that you can use to find Bollywood and Hollywood movie categories. It will have movies of different types, which you can use as per your will. This Hotstar is available in 16 to 19 languages. As Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu is available in such a language. It has a comedy family and a variety of movies available.
  3. Talking about Hotstar’s highest use, it’s happening in India today, and most of it’s being used to watch support, i.e., live sports streaming. Everyone who is managing a cricket match by live streaming.
  4. Similarly, it has given a lot of categories, as is the type of news and drama. Who will be able to see easily by choosing according to their will?
  5. It has the best and option to do live streaming by choosing tv shows like video and audio film, and at some time, you can watch videos online.
  6. If you click on the Fwd button, you will get the information and running in tablet mode.
  7. If you watch any video or live the TV serial online, you won’t be showing any ads inside the Hotstar mod apk because the advertisement has been blocked.
  8. You will get unlimited features, such as you will be able to make infinite adjustments.
  9. Extreme audio can also be in 320kbps, which can unlock.
  10. If you use it, you won’t see a lot of premium that comes in the free version. You will not see any premium options because all the excellent options have been unlocked. Meaning everyone has been opened.
  11. As if you can quickly run any artist or album or playlist in shuffle mode.
  12. If you use it, you can also run it in high-quality HD 4K.

Download Hotstar Mod APK Free Latest Version

Hotstar Mod APK Free is considered a very popular application of entertainment because Hotstar has the most published movies and TV serials, TV channels that it has the most TV channels published in the app, such as India’s number one TV channel is available in Hotstar.

Similarly, Hotstar Premium Mod from TV channels across the world is published in APK.

If you are very fond of playing cricket, you can watch live cricket for free using Hotstar Premium. That is why we shared Hotstar Mod Apk, who can see the content they like. Hotstar Premium Mod can download APK. You don’t need to go anywhere.

We give direct links to download. You have to click on the download button and download Hotstar mod APK.

This app will download Hotstar premium mod apk. Then by installing it, you will then be able to unlock the vip plan or all the features on your android device.

  • Do you want to download the latest version? I have updated the URL of the latest version in it today. Links to download Hotstar Mod apk are given. You will be able to download it for free.

Hotstar Mod APK Download YouTube Tutorial

If you are facing any problem in downloading Hotstar Premium Mod APK, then you can watch our videos below; you will be able to download Hotstar Premium easily after watching it, then you will be able to watch Cricket Live easily, that means IPL 2020 Will to be able to do live streaming.


Hotstar Mod APK 2020

How to install Hotstar Premium Mod APK

If you don’t know how to install Hotstar Premium Mod APK on your Android device. So follow the steps below. So that you will be able to comfortably install the mod on your Android device.

  • First, you have to download the Hotstar Mod APK file, which can be downloaded by clicking the download button above.
  • If you want to install the APK file on your device for the first time, first you need to seek permission from unknown sources. Then go to settings, then go to security and enable unknown sources.

Hotstar Premium

  • Now you have to go back again, which is the downloaded file. Open it and click on the install button.

  • Now the install has started, it has to wait for a little.
  • Now as installed now you have to click Open and open this app.

  • Now you will be able to get it for all the services free of Hotstar Mod APK. Which is in the premium version. That you will be able to get the service through Hotstar mod APK.

Last Word

As you go to the Hotstar premium mod APK in this post and get information about it as well, friends hope you must have liked this post.

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