BitLife MOD APK v2.4 Download (Bitizen Unlocked)

The BitLife MOD APK game is heavily inspired by Adria Richards’ story about how she tried to commit suicide until a doctor convinced her that she could change her life and make it better. “I’m a living proof that anyone can be at peace knowing that all their dreams are possible. this is the best BitLife – Life Simulator apk for Android.

What if you could alter the path that your life takes, based on your actions and decisions? The possibilities are virtually endless if you have a bit of cash to spare. BitLife is an online world rich with decisions and scenarios that allow you to shape your own unique story. Eventually, your choices will result in marriage, having kids, building a business, etc., potentially leading to various outcomes that will affect your current level of success in life.

Are you seeking the best education possible? A degree, perhaps? Are you loving someone? Chances are that your life is going great! You’re living your dreams in an exciting city, date IRL, and eating into your time to save for your retirement from work. But because you haven’t had the time to key all of those places into becoming the best version of yourself, nor have you searched low and high for that one great mentor or friend who will drive it all home. BitLife aims to fill that gap for you.


BitLife MOD APK is an incredible online dream game that will let you live out your life role-playing as a modern-day citizen. It could be anything from buying a home to starting a small business or even just becoming a famous movie director. What sets it apart from other life simulation games is that you get to make all the crucial decisions as part of the BitLife MOD APK game’s fictional society, and they are all influenced by your choices as a real person. You could be the President of the United States as you send people to war, or you could be just an average Joe trying to make ends meet.

“ BitLife – Life Simulator will let you live in a house that simulates life as you see it with an amazing array of features. Everything from the furniture design, furnishings, and home design will be overhauled to cater to your personal tastes.

This everyman’s guide to making the right decisions with your time and resources will show you how you could live an extraordinary life. There are currently five unique characters to play as in BitLife MOD APK and over 50 hours of content written by our talented developers.

What if you could live your entire life simulation, without having to worry about the basic necessities of life? Imagine yourself living a life in which you can choose which actions to take – and how much you will earn for doing so. Your options may include: tackle political issues, decide which jobs to take, which relationships to spend time with, etc. Eventually, you would reach a stage in your life where you could declare whether or not you would want to go on living in this kind of lifestyle.

What is BitLife – Life Simulator Apk

How many stories have you heard about people who managed to save their job without doing any work whatsoever, saving thousands of dollars? In a world where jobs are being automated like computers, it seems probable that a lot of people will live simply off the interest of their savings, but that’s not necessarily a happy existence.

BitLife – Life Simulator Apk is a game where you have complete control over how your life plays out. Your decisions will directly affect the future of humanity. Will you spend the time saving up and working hard so that one day you can retire early? Or will you simply enjoy a lazy and carefree life of luxury?

Discover how BitLife – Life Simulator Apk works. You begin as a random citizen of the world. You have no home, job, or even any sense of who you are. You wake up one morning and discover you have been transported into this computer simulation.

Your mission is to find your way out by discovering what makes BitLife Mod APk tick and assisting the people around you with decisions they would make if they were in your shoes. Everything from living arrangements to fashion is procedurally generated by the game software with every decision having an impact on everyone else in the world (except you).

Features of BitLife Mod Apk

You are not alone in your endeavour. BitLife Mod Apk The Story of My Life is a simulation video game for Windows, macOS and Linux; where you play as a man trying to live out his final years without dying (yet). It was made as a parody of so-called final-gen console games but has attracted more than one thousand followers since its release in April 2016.

BitLife Mod Apk Life Simulator is a fictional dating sim video game that simulates what it would be like to live your life as a fictional person. You’re living a normal life in the real world. One day you wake up and realize you’ve grown so much taller than everyone else that you no longer consider yourself a 5’3″ tiny person. Instead, you’re now a 6’3″ giant in every respect. Soon after this realization comes true bit life begins to generate your new reality with your friends and family figuring out which tasks you should and shouldn’t do next after waking up.

Make Choices

The most advanced life simulator game on the app store. You’ll never regret playing BitLife! This is not one of those games where you tap and zoom, this is a SIMULATOR. If you think you know what it’s like to live life, you’re wrong. Start living different lives with BitLife MOD APK, the most advanced life simulator game on the app store!

BitLife is a simulation game that simulates life and living. Players can Live, Work, Get Married, Have Kids, Go on Vacation, Retire, Die. In general every major event of a normal life. BitLife is an experiment to see whether or not people would enjoy living in a virtual world that exists only as their own interactions with it.

BitLife is a life simulator game where you control a character from birth to death, progressing through school and university, getting a job, working and eventually retiring. You start off with your initial attributes of health (life), sociability and intelligence which are all randomly generated. These attributes will change according to your actions taking place in the simulation.

Start A Life

Welcome to BitLife – a blockchain-based life simulator that you can play on your iOS device!   Such a simple idea, so much fun to simulate and even more fun to play with friends. You begin as a baby and go through different stages of life such as childhood, college and ultimately retirement.


BitLife is a game about your life, where you can live and work. Grow old, develop skills and become a legend. Begin your life as a simple pawn of the BitLife game and survive!

Face the Consequences

The game is an interesting mix of casual/puzzle and simulation. You start off as a character with very few skills, so you must work your way up to prosperity by gaining experience like in any RPG. You can do this by completing quests given by non-playable characters. However, unlike most RPGs, BitLife MOD APK is not based on your level but on your stats and skills. For instance, you can complete a quest for combat even if you´re low level or stats but as long you have the required fighting skills.

From the creators of BitCity, comes BitLife- A life simulator that lets you explore different life paths. Starting from a single-cell organism, your goal is to reach one of the higher ranks of evolution (and eventually gain god-like powers)!

Choose your starting life and discover its characteristic in the BitLife MOD APK. Will you be a student, builder or murderer? Make friends and have the whole town love you! Will you meet a future wife and build your family? Or will you prefer to live as an old man with a lonely life? Find your way through this simulation game where you are a god of one particular man.

Feature to Benefits

  • Experience the consequences of life choices in a most humorous and engaging way.
  • BitLife is the only game that shows your life in a real-time 3D way, showing the choices you make
  • BitLife is the most realistic life simulator yet.
  • You can play math problems, make shopping runs, pet a dog, and even smoke cigarettes.
  • Learn about life decisions that may lead to financial success and discover how you can move your family to a higher tax bracket.
  • bitLife is a powerful tool for getting a better understanding of society. It helps us understand the choices we make as individuals have consequences on the whole and also ultimately shapes our lives.
  • BitLife will expose you to concepts and topics you may never have thought about in a way that can change your daily life in an entertaining format.


Are you looking for a real-time simulation of what it would be like to live in a video game world? Or perhaps you’re fascinated by the idea of feng shui, the study of design and architecture? Either way, BitLife Mod Apk is the ultimate simulation tool for app developers and gamers alike: an opportunity to immerse yourself literally inside an immersive game experience.

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