YouTube Premium Mod APK V16.13.36 Download [No Ads, Dark Mode]

YouTube Mod APK – Hello, friends all of you are welcome in our, friends in today’s post I’ve brought with you, Youtube premium mod apk which you’ll download post it for free, and install on your Android device, live video streaming.

But you’ll be able to do it through a third-party application, name youtube app, this og youtube apk file you need to download, on your Android device, then a file and do, which will be on the micro name. It also has to be set up, and then you will be able to easily make this youtube available on your Android device with more premium services in your dark mod.

If you use this youtube premium mod apk, dark mode, and screen minimization on your youtube background, ads have also been turned off, in this mod app. The YouTube app is one of the most popular video streaming apps, using it monthly by billions of people.

Millions of videos are uploaded to this youtube platform, which creates new videos and uploads to this YouTube platform. They see and download users of this youtube platform, so I thought it was for them to give you a youtube premium app for service free, which I am giving you today through a youtube mod apk.

Youtube mod apk will not be able to see the ad, and no ads will appear on your entire YouTube platform and enable your dark background mod and set up a few features automatically.

YouTube Mod APK

YouTube Mod APK

In today’s time, if you use your mobile or tablet, computer, then you must also use YouTube because YouTube is a platform that touches everyone’s heart because through YT, people can reach their heart. Let’s share the matter and can make a good income too.

So if you use YouTube, you will be using the free one, in which you see ads, if you want to stop more ads and get some extra features inside YouTube, then you have to buy Youtube Premium Service If you want or use an Android device, then you will be able to get free premium service by using our given service.

As we are sharing the YouTube premium app, the premium service will be activated on your device through the APK, which you will have to download Youtube Premium Mod APK or youtube mod apk, this is a mode version in which all access The service is open such that ads will not come on your device and background will be played, and features are also there, which we tell further.

To get the feature of YouTube Premium, the developer has created many applications that offer the same features as premium subscriptions, such as OGYoutube apk and Youtube Vanced apk, etc. That is some third-party application, and these applications provide free service on behalf of premium servicing, who will share one of these Youtube Premium Mod APK.


If you are looking for your Netflix Premium account, then you do not need to go anywhere, because in this you are getting a Netflix Premium account, which is all you need to download the Netflix Premium Mod APK, which has given you the button on it. Click it

Netflix Premium Mod APK

What is YouTube Mod APK

Youtube mod apk is an official modded version of the youtube app, this APK file you need to download and install on your Android device. This app will work exactly like YouTube, and you will log in to your Gmail account in one of your mod versions and then access the YouTube account automatically. It does not need to be routed to step on an android device.

If you use it, you’ll be able to use it without advertising and also enable your YouTube background to dark mode and download direct videos to anyone. So, you are getting a lot of facilities. So it would be best if you used it and you can automatically minimize the setting.

If you use it on youtube mod apk, you’re downloading youtube videos of watching it by installing it or not downloading it. So far I haven’t downloaded the video using it. But if you install it, the video may or may not be downloaded. So, it would be best if you tried it once. Well, I have seen that no advertisement is visible inside this application because the ad has been discontinued.

YouTube is a platform that the whole world uses because people search through their minds through YouTube, the video appears in front of you in search of YT, and I click on that video, and you solve the problems.

Just like entertainment on YouTube has become very popular this time, everyone who likes to watch movies and web series, problems get solved, technology has become very famous on fellow YouTube, everyone who Finds the solution to your issues on YouTube. So if you also have a problem, then you can search for it, everyone has a question, you will be able to solve your problems by watching videos with them.

So if you keep searching on YouTube, then we have brought you the Youtube Mod APK, which will be used by you, then the background of your device will turn black or dark, and will also be able to use the background play option. As such, you will be able to watch videos on your device as well as do other work on your device, such as Facebook social media, etc. accounts will also be able to run.

To date, the biggest problem in YouTube comes from advertising, because ads appear five times in girl videos, which everyone finds a big problem, that’s why people try to buy a premium plan. Still, it is very expensive, and They are not able to buy, so we have brought you a YouTube mod ask for them, in which you will be able to use YouTube without advertising as well as a feature from admin.

The YT apk has been developed by RaddixCore, which this developer says confidently, use it. It is 100% secure, a YouTube app in which you will get all YouTube videos, and it has a very add-on feature, such as antivirus which will scan all your content.

Youtube Mod APK Features

If you want to use YouTube, then you want to read from the features of Youtube Mod Apk, because I will mention all the elements related to this application in this post and you will like it very much, if you are interested in reading its features. No, you cannot read at all, because it is not so important that you have the characteristics, but if you have time to read, then, of course, you can read.

Now we are going to tell you the best features of Youtube Premium APK below, you can feel free to read them, if you will read these great features of YouTube, then you will be very happy, and there are such features of YouTube which you can use Will be able to get many features.

Darke Mode

When you use Youtube Premium APK, it has given dark mod enabled in the application, just like if you have enabled it, it has given dark mod enabled in the application, like you will install this app, then in it Now you can watch movies on songs in the phone, then your background dark means that your eyes will rest.


If you are using YouTube, then you must have seen the video, then, again and again, you get advertisements, which bothers you very much, so you have to install youtube mod apk, in which you will be without ads Videos will be found, you will watch anything, no ads will show on your device, the best way is to use YouTube without ads.

Background Play

If you use official YouTube, you will not be able to play any video on your background, if you use our given YT apk, you will be able to enable the video on the background, meaning you can play the video and Will be able to do other work on the device as well.

No Root Needed

Earlier Youtube premium mod apk was very difficult to install because the first android device had to be rooted, only then mod apk files were installed, but today’s time developers are very advanced level, so YT mod apk You are giving permission to install without root, you will also be able to easily install YouTube mode APK on your Android device.

Music Download

Many people in this world want to download music, so if you too love music, through YouTube Premium App. You can download any compatible videos easily, then you can watch it anytime without an internet connection.

Video Downloading

If you use official youtube, then you will not be able to download any video on it, this OG Youtube also gives you permission to download videos, so you can download anything video easily, this OGYouTube apk will give you Permits to download videos also, so you can easily download anything.

Works as Youtube

og youtube

You are thinking that it works like YouTube, then you are thinking right, it works just like YouTube because you will have all the contents of YouTube and 4 times more features than YouTube. As we have already told you.

Youtube Vanced apk and OGYoutube will do the same as both of youtube, you can use either of these, 100% works like youtube.

Some More Features of Youtube Premium APK

  • This is common to an official youtube app of youtube mod apk and does all the same as the task official app, it has a lot of features that you’ll be able to read below as well.
  • Talking about the quality of the video, you’ll be able to watch 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, HD, Full HD, 2k, 4K Ultra High-Quality videos.
  • You’ll be able to download all quality videos, you just have to click one and download any video comfortably.
  • You will also be able to download MP3 music comfortably.
  • If you use it, you will not need to root, without root will be able to use it.
  • You will now be able to open any video with a single click.
  • Many people find it very difficult to use official YouTube because when you watch a video, the advertisement comes immediately. They have to suffer, but you will not have to face any difficulty. You will be able to use it without advertising and look at any favorite material, it will not come with ads.
  • The best part of this is that you’ll be able to watch the video on your small screen. Who will be able to create, see, and do other things by creating the smallest screen?
  • The best one in this YouTube Mod app is also given an even more option, which will be able to use YouTube Dark Mode on your Android device.

YouTube Mod APK Download | OGYouTube APK

If you want to download YouTube Premium Mod APK on your Android device, you don’t need to go anywhere, because we’re providing you with direct downloads that you have to click on and install youtube mod apk on your Android device.

Friends tell you that youtube mod apk has not created an app, its duplicate is an application that you will be able to get to the service of YouTube Mod APK named OGYoutube apk. You need to download this ogYouTube apk file, on your Android device then you can follow the step, which will follow some of our steps below, then you’ll be able to do it comfortably even on your device.

OGYouTube APK Download (Latest Version)

og youtube

App name OGYouTube
Version 16.13.36
File size 60.2 MB
App by OGMods
Root Required No
Last updated March 28, 2021

Go to Download Page


YouTube Premium APK YouTube Premium APK

How to Install YouTube Premium APK

We still know that some people will still be worried about why we are getting 2 APK files to install an application, So I would like to tell them, that there is a separate coding in this, which has been created by merging the same app. So to get a YouTube Premium APK service for free you need to download two apk files that I have to follow the task I mentioned, then comfortably install it on your Android device.

  1. To install the youtube premium mod apk you first have to download the OGyoutube apk file on your Android device, clicking on the download button provided in our post.
  2. Then you have to go to your settings before installing and enable the settings of an unknown source, such as setting>>Security>unknown Sources>> turn it on. Have to pay tax.
  3. Now you have to install the OGYoutube apk, click on the file you’ve downloaded, and install direct.


  1. Now you have to open ogyoutube apk after installing it, you have to download Microg Apk after you open it.
  2. As soon as the microg apk file is downloaded, you have to go to the file manager and paste it into the Android > OBB>file open. As you can see in the screenshot.

YouTube mod apk

  1. Now you open that ogyoutube app, now your youtube premium mod apk setup is done, now you will be able to get youtube premium services for free and now you can use any of the worlds You can search YouTube channel. You can also download that video.

Last Words

Now you must have downloaded this youtube mod apk and installed it on your Android device. I hope you did not have any problem installing it. If you like this application very much, then share this post on social media with your friends and subscribe to our website, and like our Facebook page to get new apps like this.

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