WhatsApp Plus APK #2021 v16.1.0 Free Download for Android

you are using this smartphone, then you would know, social media is trending on the most trending in today’s time, so no life without social media. So I have come up with the mod version of the most popular application on social media, such as WhatsApp Plus APK, which has been modified from the official WhatsApp.

Extra features are available in it, you will be able to see many more features on GBWhatsApp, just read this article carefully, if you want to use GB Whatsapp for free, read this post carefully and download it easily can do. Today in this article, I am going to give all the information related to GB WhatsApp for free. You will know what GB Whatsapp is and how to download it, all the information is available for free.

WhatsApp Plus APK

Hopefully, if you have used WhatsApp Officer, then you must know WhatsApp Plus Apk, as you know it, that it is a messenger, in which You can chat online and make video audio calls, plus you can change the theme in this GB WhatsApp, choose the time of your choice and message all the contacts simultaneously. Likewise, many features have been added to this WhatsApp, keep reading to know more.

Warning: WhatsApp Plus is a third-party application, modified by the official WhatsApp app, this application is very different from the official WhatsApp, as if you are going to get the same options as all the official WhatsApp, but add some extras from it. Have gone, so you should note, do not take it in comparison to the official WhatsApp.

This is a third-party application. If you believe in GB WhatsApp, then use it with your responsibility. It is a third-party application, which is called in the mode version.

Well, in today’s time, talking about 2021 latest WhatsApp mod APK, WhatsApp Plus is trending at the most popular, that’s why I thought WhatsApp Plus good for you – Nice features to be added, this is why I brought it for you in WhatsApp.

In today’s time, a lot of WhatsApp modes have been launched, as I will tell you further below, you can use WhatsApp Arrow as well, WhatsApp GB Plus both of these come on collision. But the new Whatsapp mod has been launched in the market.

Who is going on more training, yo WhatsApp you can find all types of WhatsApp on this website, you can use the WhatsApp mode of your choice, download GB WhatsApp from our website for free, which will get full unlock and All the features will also be available completely open.

So you can download WhatsApp from our site, you can download the new WhatsApp, so you can download the WhatsApp mod APK of your choice, which WhatsApp you like so much.

You will be able to download that WhatsApp from our website, you just have to enter the name of that Whatsapp in the search bar and do a search, then click on it and easily download the WhatsApp of your choice for free and your Install the device from anywhere.

What is WhatsApp Plus APK?

My dear friends, if you have used official WhatsApp, then WhatsApp Plus Apk works like an official App, it is just a modified version, with some features added to it.

Like you can hide the status and download the status, plus you can apply the status for a long time, hide the status online, so that you can get back the deleted messaged hair, just In a similar way, WhatsApp has many features associated with one click, which can take a lot of time to show.

In particular, WhatsApp plus has a lot of attention on security, that is why it has become most popular, you can hide any option, which means that it is easy to find.

Now you might want to go, when and who created WhatsApp Plus, then I answer that the developer of WhatsApp Plus is Rafalete, who in 2012 launched WP Plus for lunch They had done it, they had created it in view of the official WhatsApp that was launched in 2009.

WhatsApp Aero APK
GBWhatsApp APK
WhatsApp Group Link

But more than that was applied with the feature, that is why the year grew, and today a lot more options have been added to WhatsApp Plus, so if you like WhatsApp Plus more, then you want to use its extra features for free. , Then you will be able to download it from here. Because when this developer created this WhatsApp Plus, it gave a blue-colored icon, which is still available in blue color WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Mod APK?

Now you might also want to know what is WhatsApp Mod APK? So I am going to tell you now, WhatsApp mod apk is a modified WhatsApp application, like today I brought you Whatsapp plus apk for you on this article, it is a WhatsApp mode apk, because when an official WhatsApp is modified Is or is modified by its name, then a mode version is created.

Which has given very different names of WhatsApp, such as GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp Yo, Whatsapp App, Whatsapp, all of these are called WhatsApp Mod APK, which has added many more features. For example, you can hide online status, download typing status. Recording can apply for audio status. Also, you can add Bluetooth of your choice. You can easily hide the status online. You can also hide typing speed. There are so many features that you can use.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus Apk for Free?

Friends, if you like WhatsApp plus apk and you are interested in downloading it, then today’s post is very special for you because I will show how to download it in this post, as well as below you Android How to install it on the device. Nevertheless, I will tell you the whole way to install the WhatsApp Plus app, let’s read it carefully if you do not know how to download it.

  • The first is to click on the download button from below.
  • When you click on the download button, then it will direct you to the download page of the WhatsApp Plus app.

Note: Now you have redirected to the download page, downloading WhatsApp plus application is very simple, now all you have to do is wait 5 seconds and a direct download link will be generated. Click on it and a direct download will start.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK 2021

WhatsApp Plus apk

Name WhatsApp Plus
Version 16.1.0
File size 52MB
App by APKsPure
Category Communication
Features Many Features
Telegram Join
Last updated April 05, 2021

WhatsApp Plus

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How to Install WhatsApp Plus App on Android?

If you are not educated at all, you will still be able to install the Whatsapp plus app on your device, because everyone knows in today’s time if reading the download, because even if the download is not able to read it, the internet will not be used. Can do.

So you have downloaded the WhatsApp Plus app, then you will have to install it. If you do not know how to install them, then read the following methods carefully, so that you can easily install them on your device.

Read below carefully, so that I will also tell you how to create an account, if read carefully, you will learn how to create a WhatsApp account for free, which is very simple, just try the below method and create your account with a screenshot.

If you have downloaded, then you have to install WP Plus, to install you have to go to the file manager and click on the downloaded file, and now you will be redirected to the settings.

Where you have to block WhatsApp Plus notifications on notifications so that you can install. After allowing, you can now easily install WhatsApp Plus by clicking on the install button.

Hopefully, now that you have installed it on your device, now you have to verify the account with your mobile number so that your account can become successful, just enter your mobile number and verify your account through OTP.

Now you have to set up your profile, set up your good profile so that you can understand well on social media. After setting up the profile, you will get the backup settings option, in which you can take backups like chat and video. Then save the old backup and can import it to the new account via email.

Similarly, you can create and use a WhatsApp Plus apk account on your Android device, now you can talk to anyone on chat or make a video call or audio call, make unlimited number broad, and message together.

Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

If you have used the old version of WhatsApp Plus APK, then you may not have read its new feature. That is why I have brought for you the latest features of the WhatsApp Plus app, which features have been added very special and very important features are added to it, I hope you will like all the latest features of this WhatsApp, let’s be friends Let us read its latest features at the bottom.

WhatsApp Plus APK

Plus Mods

If you use this WhatsApp, then it has given all the Plus modes, as it has many features, it will be able to get unlimited SIM, can get unlimited emojis, similarly, you will be able to keep your device safe, Also you will be able to add plus widget.

Now I am going to tell you the features of WhatsApp Plus in detail, you can read it carefully.

Theme Facility

This is great in WhatsApp because through WhatsApp you can choose and apply the theme of your choice, if you don’t like any theme about it, then you can choose a theme from the website and download it. Can do and apply it.

By the way, it has more than 100+ themes, you can import any theme with one click and apply it, I hope you will like very good themes.

More emoticons

Although it is going on a lot of training, emoticon if you talk to someone through WhatsApp, then in today’s time people are talking to an emoticon, just emoticons through which people keep talking among themselves.

But WhatsApp plus has brought quite good features, emoticons are connected through google hangouts, which are getting thousands of emoticons, which you can send and talk to Whatsapp plus receiver. But remember if they have the same WhatsApp then it will work otherwise it is the latest emoticons you can use.

Privacy and Security

If you have used official WhatsApp, then use WhatsApp Plus once, then you will know how well the privacy and security features are available because when you use this app, the privacy and security completely will be given. You can hide any option and apply your privacy completely. You can set the lock, fingerprint, pattern lock of the face lock, all types of locks are provided.

This WhatsApp application has a lot of features, such as if you live online and want to hide your online status, you can set up that option, hide your status, meaning that your typing speed You can also hide, as well you can hide the message delete, that is, you can get the deleted message, you can do everything through this WhatsApp.

High Data File Sharing Option

That is, the official WhatsApp gives you the option to transfer data from 16 to 18 MB, meaning it gives energy. If you use this WhatsApp, you will be able to transfer data from 50 MB to 100 MB with one click. Meaning that we will be able to share and the speed of sharing WhatsApp Plus is very fast, it is able to upload very fast, so the original is considered to be better than WhatsApp.

Airplane Mode

Do you get more messages on your device, your friends send messages frequently, or do you work in the company, like WhatsApp transfers the message, that you use the group more, which are frequent messages.

So you are very upset, so now you do not have to worry. In WhatsApp, you are getting the option of Airplane mode. Open it and close your message, then you can turn it on any time and see your message.

Theme Dark & ​​Light

That is, the features that I am telling you, you will not find in the original WhatsApp. Now if you use WhatsApp Plus, you will get the theme dark and light option. If you like dark, you can open it. If your device is more than 15,000 expensive, then there will be an option of dark and light on your device. Through it you can make, if you use a small smartphone, you can use the dark option.

Full Editing GBWhatsApp

This gives WhatsApp a very good option, you can make the layout of WhatsApp plus of your choice, you can give the color of meaning. You can edit it the way you want to make WhatsApp, it is considered to completely customize WhatsApp, you can give the look of any good design, this way everyone looks the way that you like. can give.


By the way, you have used the original WhatsApp, you may have noticed that the status takes less than 30 seconds, but when you use it, we will be able to silence the status for a long time, as well as any status Will also be able to download. Provides the option to download and can show the status of your choice or you can hide it.


Note: Do you transfer payments online, if you transfer payments online, you will now be able to transfer money through UPI to your friends or relatives through WhatsApp. But keep in mind that this is a WhatsApp plus 1 third-party application, which is a little hard to believe.

Therefore, if you use this option, then use it with your responsibility, otherwise, the responsibility of someone is not the power this time, because it is a third-party application, which deceives everyone at any time.

Restart PlusMods

This option is quite beautiful, if you have more messages or more data on your WhatsApp and you are getting stuck, then click on Restart Mode Plus, so that your WhatsApp data will be fresh and work fast. If ever cheats, use this option.

WhatsApp Plus APK FAQs

What is the difference between WhatsApp plus apk Whatsapp?

You have given a lot of difference, such as using WhatsApp Plus, you can download the status and can hide it, nor can you appear offline while online, very much we have told you the features, you can from above Can distinguish with official WhatsApp.

Will Whatsapp Plus App be considered safe to use?

As we have already told friends, that this third-party app file is created through WhatsApp, just like if you download it through WhatsApp Plus official website, still you cannot believe it. Because it never gets cheated.

What is Whatsapp Plus Legal App?

Because this is the modified version, which we do not know the name of its owner, but you can use all the options of WhatsApp, because WhatsApp Plus has a lot of features, which we would expect, but is considered a very good application. .

Everyone who uses it, since it was published on the Google Play store in 2012, was quite a trending head install, but WhatsApp was removed from the Play Store by Share DMCA.

But through Google Chrome and the website, this is being downloaded the most, that is why it is considered WhatsApp legal, but no one can even say that it is illegal. Although no one reports it today, according to WhatsApp, this yellow will hit WhatsApp tomorrow, but most people use it and you too.

What can you use with WhatsApp Plus and official WhatsApp?

I have also told you above, that WhatsApp Plus is a third party application, which is different from the rights one application, just its working stuff, but the features are different, similarly its coding has also been changed, so That you can use official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus on the same device, you do not need to open another device. Just run WhatsApp and you can use official WhatsApp.

Which is better in WA Plus and GB WA?

Both of these are very good, both these WhatsApp features are similar, most WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp are used and the features are also kept the same. So I believe, you can use only what you get. By the way, I have shared the link to download WhatsApp Plus in the latest version in this post, you can download from outside.

Can I Use an iPhone?

No, so far GB is made for WhatsApp and not WhatsApp Plus iPhone, if you have an iPhone phone, then you can use official WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Plus APK is a third-party application, which is liked by everyone. Because more than the premium option has been put in it, so you can download WhatsApp Plus for free from our website and see our guidelines.

Can be easily installed, if you have ever installed the APK file on your Android device, you do not need to read, easily download and try the below methods and install and create an account Can. Thanks.

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