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Useful Apps for College Students

The smartphone is today’s new student organizer. However, unlike the conventional planner, there are countless options for hundreds of add-on features in the form of mobile applications for college students. Across the digital world, there seems to be just an app for everything, whether hailing a cab, ordering food, posting funny videos, naming dog breeds, or reviewing online flashcards for school courses. These applications are making learning more fun and exciting than ever. Some of the best examples of the types of mobile applications that are available (and useful!) right now at no cost are:


 If you are using a cellphone to send and receive text messages on a regular basis, you should consider getting this helpful app. In addition to text messaging, the app allows you to receive incoming phone calls. The user interface is clear and simple, so even those not used to mobile technology will easily learn how to operate the application. This is one of the most useful apps for college students as it allows them to exchange information in real-time without having to compose several messages and wait for a reply.

Evernote App

If you want to keep track of your daily activities, Evernote can help you do just that. The app connects to your Google account so that you can add, edit and access notes and ideas as they come to you. You can even save ideas and photos to an Evernote account. With this handy app, you have the power to remember everything. While there are some free versions of Evernote, the paid versions offer many added features and tools that are useful apps for students.

A nice bonus for the owners of the Leuchtturm journal – you can scan pages of your journal with the Evernote app and it will be no lining in the final picture!

My Paper Done

One of the most useful apps for students in the My Paper Done site you can reach from any browser. This allows the student to get writing help with anything at all. Biology, English, Spanish, Literature? Coursework, lab report, any paper? My Paper Done holds the blog with useful writing tips for any topic you need. And a team of dedicated writers who can do your paper in a short time.

iBooks App

If you have purchased several textbooks and would like to bring the book to your campus, the app is perfect for you. It has features such as a library, and the ability to share your books with other students on campus. The most convenient feature of this app is that it connects to your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail email accounts so that you don’t need to type in each different detail individually. Simply click on the “Share” button and select the person you would like to share your book with.

Blackboard App

If you are worried that you may fail your terms, then you should try this application. This application enables you to log on to your student’s account wherever you are. it helps you to keep track of your assignments and due dates and works as your very own journal which is dedicated only to your education purposes.

Google Classroom

Another useful app that you should definitely have is the Google Classroom app. This is a great tool for teachers to communicate with their students especially when they are away from class. With Google Classroom, teachers can post brief messages for students as they come home from school. It also allows the teacher to post a message that informs the student of their absence. This is just one of the many features that this application has so if you would like to stay connected with your students, you should definitely download the Google Classroom app.

These are some of the most useful apps that any student can use to enhance their study habits. Of course, there are a lot more. Which do you use?

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