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The Most Popular Sports Apps

If there is one thing that can unite all of the people on the planet, it is sports. Sports has a universal language that teaches us love, respect, dedication, and unity. Not only that, but various teams and individuals are able to influence the younger generations in the best way possible by acting as their role models and motivation to succeed in life.

Sports has influenced pretty much every industry, with the smartphone industry taking the lead. Some statistics have shown that a big majority of smartphone users have at least one sports app on their phones. With all that being said, we decided to take at some of the most popular sports apps on the planet. They are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Betting Apps

Coming at number one, we have a more ‘general app’. Sports and betting have always gone side-by-side. These two industries have always pushed and supported each other throughout the years. Many sports fans are also fans of placing bets on various sports games. Up until recently, land-based bookmakers were dominating the betting industry, but in the past couple of years, online bookmakers have taken over the scene.

Betting sites like NetBet have tons of advantages over land-based bookmakers. They are easy to access, have better odds, offer numerous bonuses and promotions, and are very secure. These platforms are also fully optimized for mobile use and can be accessed at any time and place. Easy access is one of the greatest benefits that betting fans receive as they can wager on the games in a matter of seconds.

As research showed that more and more people use their smartphones, many online sportsbooks decided to go a step further and better the mobile betting experience by developing apps. These apps proved to be a massive success as they are among the most popular sports apps on mobile devices.


FlashScore is the number 1 app when it comes to keeping track of all the latest results in numerous sports categories. This app is downloaded by millions of people from all around the world and it is very simple to use. Pretty much every league and tournament in every sport that you can think of is featured here and you can even keep track of individual games by flagging them as favourites. Not only that, but the app provides you with live tables, home and away form of teams, schedules, top scorers in each league, etc.

The website was founded in 2006, but as time went on and more and more people started accessing the site from their mobile devices, which by the way, is fully optimized for mobile use, the operator decided to make it easier for users to check the latest results and developed a flawless app.

FIFA Football

Coming in the gaming section, we have one of the most popular sports games ever made. FIFA has entertained numerous generations over the years and remains the most played desktop sports game. Recently, EA has decided to give fans a treat and developed the mobile version of the game.

FIFA Football is less than 100MB in size and it is downloaded by more than 100 million users. To put this number into perspective, it is almost on the same pedestal as PUBG. Just to remind you, PUBG is the most played mobile game these days.

NBA Live Mobile Basketball

And finally, we have the most prestigious basketball league of all time – the NBA. Apart from this league being fun to watch, the fans can now have the most pleasant gaming experience on their phones as well. NBA Live Mobile Basketball was developed by EA and as of March 2021, the game has over 50 million downloads on Android devices.

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