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The Value And Understanding Of Live Streaming In Online Video Gaming Sector

If there thing quite notable between online video games these days, then that has to be live streaming. We can state live streaming as one real-time video-based social media, which helps to integrate traditional broadcasting with that of online gaming. Sociability, real-time, and suspense are some major features related to the field of video game live streaming.

Video game live streaming can always meet some user demands in social integration, tension release, personal integration, cognition, and affection. For gaining a more comprehensive understanding of what this live streaming actually means, focus on the background of it first and its current research status. Much like learning everything about the aim test before getting with the aim practice session, it is vital to know the importance of live streaming as well.

The background to learn more about:

In the current world, the online broadcast industry has rapidly developed, with various live streaming platforms making their way. Some of those are YouTube, Twitch, and more. In 2016, Twitch and YouTube were noted to have over 470 million regular visitors, of which 50% and more were from Europe, the USA, and the Asia Pacific.

● By 2018 end, around 1 million people were watching live streaming on just Twitch, with the total duration period recorded at around 434 billion minutes.

● Along with that, the streamers’ numbers have increased from that 2 million marks in 2017 to around 3 million in 2018. Around 500,000 streamers are visiting the platform lately.

More than that, video game live streaming has actually raised concerns. In terms of mental health, we have stated internet addiction to be a disorder when most individuals are using internet platforms excessively. 

The users of video game live streaming:

Right now, the live streamers of online video games have been divided into audiences and streamers. The primary difference is that the streamers get to produce content or information, while the audiences will watch and learn from the game.

● The two parties can easily interact with one another by rewarding, communicating, subscribing, and following similar platforms.

● As per the studies covered, user behavior is mainly summarized under three major aspects. Those are factors on the audience watching the stream, streamer’s participation in the live platform, and interactive behavior between these two parties.

● Some experts argued that performance expectations from the platform along with the perceived attractiveness might promote the willingness of the streamers to continue the live platform.

● Currently, audiences will watch the live stream based on five major categories – emotions, cognition, social integration, personal integration, and stress buster.

The audience is the currently rewarding intention, which was primarily influenced by the viewers’ numbers and watching time. Along with that, the environmental factor also plays a major role in the behavior of live streaming users too. That’s when the term “platform impact” came into being.

It is here to stay:

It is not that hard to state that live streaming has now become a major part of online video gamers and is here to stay for the longest period. So, even soon, you will see gamers spending their quality time live streaming some rounds of their games and working hard to grow their user base.

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