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ThopTV APK Download V29.1 (Cricket Live, TV Show & Movies)

ThopTV APK Download (Latest Version):- If you want to stream TV channels and radio channels on your Android smartphone for free, in this post today we are giving you a button to download ThopTv app, through which you will be able to watch over 4000 TV channels on your Android device and more than 6000 radio channels for free. If you like to watch cricket, you can stream cricket in your language through this app, you will be able to choose the language of your choice, such as Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, etc.

If you also want to watch tv channels and movies TV shows, TV serial web categories and many other TV shows around the world on your Android device, the thoptv app is great for you, as you’ll be able to get all the channels in the world inside this app and see you in every colour full, full HD, 4K quality.

This thop tv apk has been developed by Imposstar Athen, it’s basically an entertainment best app, in which you’ll be able to watch tv channels and radio channels of your choice and also watch movies and tv shows, which just recently meant watching movies, in which you’ll be able to watch Hollywood, Bollywood-like movies. Which is given in high quality.


Thop TV is an Android app that you will be able to stream movies and TV shows through this app. You’ll be able to watch millions of movies and TV shows, TV serials, web series and dramas, watch any TV serial of your choice, and if you watch movies, you’ll also be able to download them.

Your internet data should come to good speed to use this app, such as by turning on the connection of such an app via 3G, 4G or WiFi. It will be able to watch movies and TV serials and download them.

This thoptv apk gives its users the option to chat and watch movies, TV channels. The chat option is what you click, so it will direct you to the Telegram group, in which you and thoptv can talk to the owner and name the movies of your choice and ask for any TV serial channel of your choice.

ThopTV APK Features

We’re going to talk about the features of the top tv app, which you’ll be able to know all the features of this app, so we’re going to tell all your features separately.

  • 4000 more TV channels will be able to watch.
  • In which at least 6000 radio channels have been given, which will be able to listen to music.
  • There is a collection of more than 8000 movies.
  • You can choose the audio language of your choice, choose the language that you support.
  • This application supports Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV, Stick and Smart TV etc.

Now we’re going to tell you about some of the best features of the Imposing TV app, which you will be very happy to read.


The best feature is that you can send messages to movies and TV shows of your choice. In it you can build relationships with other users, app can make friends with them and have the best way to share your opinion.


When you open this thoptv app, you will see a lot of categories, which will be categories like TV shows and cricket shows and dramas, which can choose from their choice or be given the search bar at the top, keep your choice happy, with thousands of films.

Notice Board

The notification board is just like a notification where you get some new features with new updates in this app on your Android device. As any new movies are updated in the imposing TV app, your apps will continue to reach the notification. Any new service will reach through your own notifications.

4k Quality

All the videos and movies that play movies within the Thoptv app will appear in high quality, such as if your device supports 4K quality, your device will have automatic 4K quality and the best important thing about this thoptv is that it has very colorful uploads that try to extract as many colours as possible.

How Works Thop TV APK

If you use copyright material, it’s absolutely safe. Because it will find all copyrighted material, if you look at them through the official site, you have to buy with some money, so you can now use copyrighted material, but it is given only for educational purpose.

ThopTV APK Download (Latest Version)

If you are searching this thoptv apk on the Google Play store, this app will not find you on the Google Play store, because there is an unlawful job, which cannot be uploaded to the Movies Play Store, so it has not been uploaded to the Google Play store, it can be downloaded only through the website, so we have given a link to download this thoptv APK in the latest version, through which you will be able to download it easily.

If you want to install it, first check out below, because we’ve all explained how to install the APK file in an Android device. So you can see in the paragraph at the bottom, there’s how to install.

ThopTV Mod APK Download 2020

ThopTV Mod APK

Version 29.1
File size 10.2 MB
Category Entertainment Apps
App by Imposter Athen
Price Free
Last updated July 21, 2020

Go to Download Page

Last Words

You must have downloaded thop tv mod apk and have also used it in your Android device.

You’ll use all its features, such as TV channels, cinema TV shows, TV serials, and web series. Who can see them comfortably? It has over 4000 TV channels and more than 6000 audio channels are going to be available for free. Which can be online and the best part is you can watch cricket in your Hindi language. Which will see you watch cricket matches in more and more color full. It contains instant news.

Hopefully, you would have liked this post. So share with your friends as much as possible on social media, and if you have any problems, you can join the Telegram group and tell us. Thank you..!

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