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GBWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 10.42.1 (Secret Features)

GBWhatsApp APK Download (Latest Version) (GBWA): This is the famous mod version of an official, called GB WhatsApp APK. As the official WhatsApp app has become a lot of options, which is the same apk . If you download GBWA, in your Android smartphone you will find a lot of features that you will be able to keep your WA 100% safe. You can keep any chatting or type-safe.

As everyone knows, GBWA App has become very popular today. So it mostly does chatting and voice video calling. Which we receive all the service for free. This is a mod version that has found thousands of WhatsApp features in this mod.

If you like GB WhatsApp Mod APK, GBWA will be looking for the latest rites needed on the internet. You don’t have to go anywhere, as it’s got a mod in the latest version of GBWA APK, which you can download and install comfortably on your Android device.

If you want to know about some of its best features, you will be told below, which you can easily read. This is the latest features of 2020, which have just been updated in a hurry. As soon as the new version of GBWA arrives, this post gets updated.

If you don’t even know how to download GB WhatsApp APK, you need to go somewhere now. Because we’ll tell you how to download GBWA below and also find a way to install it. But if you are searching this GBWA app on the Google Play store, it will not get you. Because we know, GB cannot upload WA to the Google Play store. Because this is a mod version, you won’t find any mod version on the Google Play store.

Today is the most internet in the world to search for GBWA apk, as everyone wants to use it. So some people don’t know what GBWA is? So we are going to give all the information about it below and tell you also. How to update gb whatsapp apk.

What is GBWhatsApp APK

Before downloading GBWA, you must know the information, what gbwhatsapp is, I am going to tell you, GBWA is a third party application that works like WA and looks like WA. You get more than 4 times the features in GBWA from official WhatsApp, which you won’t find in official WA. But you are going to get all the features in GBWA. GBWA APK is a mod version, so everyone knows. So, we have also named it GBWA.

Inside the GBWA you get a lot of features that won’t be found in the official’s WA. GB WhatsApp is a messenger app that allows you to make voice and video calls and also chatting with your friends. You can also send videos and photos and documents files. Inside this WhatsApp you are also given fingerprints, screen locks and especially screen people. Which is similar to a pattern lock.

Inside this GBWhatsApp can hide typing test, delete messages, turn off video call options, and have a lot of features that can be enabled.

GB WhatsApp APK Download (Latest Version)

We tell you how to download first before we tell you the features of this GB WhatsApp APK, because if you know its features, you may have a lot of trouble. So you don’t have any problems while you have to download. All you have to do is click on the download button and download it directly through this website.

As we have already told you, if you would like to download it to GB WhatsApp APK from the Google Play store, it will not be from there. Because this application has not been uploaded on the Google Play store. So only you can download from website.

GBWhatsApp APK Download 2020

gb whatsapp apk icon

Version 10.42.1 (Latest)
File size 52.1 MB
App by GBmod
Requires Android 4.0+
Root Required? No
Last updated July 05, 2020

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Go to Download Page

  • If you are having any problems downloading such APK files, you can follow the statp below.
  • Click on the download button you have given to download GB WhatsApp APK.
  • When you click on the download button, the director will take you to another download page.
  • As soon as you reach the download button, then you have to click on the download button. Then you will be able to download this GBWA.

Now you have downloaded this GB WhatsApp mod APK, which is in the latest version. Now you have to follow the steps below to install and install it. You will be able to install this APK file only in Android device.

Features of Latest Version of GB WhatsApp App

GB WhatsApp is built in with APK 2020 feature, which you can use those features in your smartphone, easily. This GBWA that we talk about features, in this post. You must read about the features of GBWA 2020.

Auto Reply:- When you’re busy at any time, you can use this auto-reply features. Because it will take full care of your friend and your business. When any message arrives on your device, the reply to that message will be automatic.

DND:- You’re using another application on your Android smartphone, which is getting somewhat more annoying than WhatsApp messages. So you can deactivate these WA messages, as your WhatsApp app has the option of a DND feature, which will not turn on and no messages will appear on your device. Unless you turn it off.

Text Message Broadcast: You can select all groups with broadcast text messages and send a great message to all groups that will be messaged through this features in all groups with one click.

Pop up notifications:- The best feature of this WA app is to hide notifications on messages in your account.

Notification:- When you change your profile picture, it is contact with your friend and all the groups that receive notifications and they have a notification.

Language:- It has another best features that can choose the language of your country. All languages in the world of meaning have been uploaded in this WA. Which you can choose the language according to your will.

Best Image Quality:- Today is the time to have a high quality picture that is running high-quality pictures that are more like high resolution pictures, so you can easily send high quality photos through this GB WhatsApp, which people of high resolution will be able to download.

Hide status:- If you don’t want to show your status to another person, you can hide and select your status that you want to show.

Ability to delete:- If you have fraudulently sent any message or image, you can also delete the message that your friend or to whom you sent the message will be deleted from the vanha itself. Therefore, you can also call back the deleted message.

Share live locations:- If you use this GBWA 2020 version, you can share your live locations with your friends or relatives. As you’re traveling by train or train, you can easily share the location of your location with your friends or planning or relatives.

Hide and show your status:- If you’re using this GBWA, you can hide your status even while you’re online. Because it has an option, which you can select it to stay online for 24 hours and hide your position. Or you can show a 24 hour position.

GBWhatsApp Security:- With this option you will be able to protect your WA. That is, you will be able to protect your WA account by selecting the pattern lock or fingerprint lock face lock on your WhatsApp account.

Last seen:- When you send a message to you, you read the message, but when the message comes, the green color is marked. But you can remove the green mark through this WA. The person who will feel that you have not read this message.

Status long written:- When you can put a status of 139 words within the official WA, you can write more than 300 subs status within this WhatsApp plus APK.

Size Limit:- Inside this GB WhatsApp app you can easily send more than 30 MB of videos, PDF files, but on official WA you can send up to 15 MB.

Limit to send photos:- If you want to send photos inside this GBWhatsApp app, you can select and send 90 photos simultaneously. But you can send only 30 photos to the officer in WA.

Hide typing status:- When you type a message to someone, that typing… Written, which you are typing, they can easily hide the situation.

Download:- You can download the video or image status inside this GBWA. Just you have given three points towards the right, click on them and you can easily download any video or status. The video or image will go to the gallery after it is downloaded.

Anti-Ban:- Inside this GBWA you have got anti-ban, which will never be your account restriction. It has come into force in 2020. Which you can use this feature. Your account will never be banned.

How to install GBWhatsApp APK

If you still haven’t downloaded GB WhatsApp APK, I’m of the opinion that you first download GBWA, if you search it on the Google Play store, this application won’t get you. So you can download GBWA APK from our same post.

  • If you don’t have to install GBWA APK on your Android device, you can follow the way below. Which you can easily install and use GBWA APK in your Android device.
  • If you have not downloaded gbwhatsapp apk now, first download gb WhatsApp APK by clicking on the download button from above.
  • Then you need to go to Settings and enable the sources feature of unknown sources.
  • Now you have to open the APK file you have downloaded, then you have to click on the install button.

Unknown Sources

  • Now your APK file has started installing, now it may take some time to install.

GB WhatsApp APK

  • I hope, GB WhatsApp APK will have been installed on your device, now you have to register with your mobile number. For e.g. add your mobile number and verify through otp door code.

Now in the next option if you have previously backed up WA media on Google Drive or any other device on WA, you can restore it. All you have to do after clicking ‘After Copy WhatsApp Data‘. After doing this you will ask to select the email id. In which your data is stored, when you type the mail ID, then automatic restoration will start.

Now your full backup is stored, now you can easily fill out your profile and other forms and enjoy all the great features of this GBWhatsApp.

How to Run Whatsapp on Laptop and Computer PC

There are also some people in the world who use the most PCs, so I’m going to tell them a great way to connect to my laptop only on PCs, I’ll tell my GB WhatsApp such a way. By which the account will be able to run on mobile and PC from the same mobile number. If it is great, follow the steps below to find out how.

GBWhatsApp pc icon

If you want to connect GBWA to your computer or laptop PC, which will work gbWhatsApp in your Android device, the same you can run on your laptop or computer PC through your WA. But there will be no need to install it. You can use WA without installing on your laptop or computer.

Step 1: Type WhatsApp Web

Now you have to open any browser first to use GB WhatsApp on your laptop or PC, then you have to type ‘WA Web’.

Step 2: Scan QR Code

You have to click on the first link you see when you search WA web. For e.g. ( click ing the link to reach the director. Now you have to open WA web on your laptop or computer PC, as soon as WA web open, then you’ll see QR Code, scanning qr code by your GBWA APK, follow the steps described below.

Step 3: Click on WhatsApp Web

Now you have to scan qr code. Your gbwa messenger has to be open, then you click on the three points at the top, from where the setting comes. Now you have to click on the WhatsApp web option, now your Android smartphone’s camera will be open, now show the camera in front of the QR code you have shown on your laptop or computer PC, then scan the QR code.

As soon as the QR code is scanned, all the data of GB WhatsApp of your mobile smartphone will appear in your computer or laptop, just as you run in mobile. WA in the same way you will be able to run in computers and laptops.

Now you can enjoy full in your laptop or computer, using it now using the same mobile number from the register in your laptop and mobile device.

Is it Safe to Use GBWA APK

This is a main question of everyone who wants to know, that it’s safe to use GBWA, so I would like to tell them, using GBWA APK is 100% safe, because WhatsApp itself has a mod version, which some developers have upgraded the latest version of the official language to the mod version. All of whose features have been unlocked. Which mod version is created by GBWA.

But, of course, I would like to say, gbwa is an illegal app, because all the mod versions are illegal, it is not verified by the government.

If you are using GB WhatsApp, do it only on your responsibility, because it has none of its owners. Now, if there is any owner, he is not responsible. Just use it on your own.

How to Update GBWhatsApp Mod APK

When you use GB WhatsApp APK, you must know that it definitely comes with updates, one update every month, so if you want to update, follow our stated step in which you will be able to update in 3 ways.

Update via Website

If your GB WhatsApp is seeking updates, as soon as you open this app, you’re asking for updates while open, you don’t need to go anywhere. You can come to our website and download this GBWA in the latest version and then install it on your Android device. Then your  will be updated in the latest version, then use the growing future.

Update by Popup Notification

When using a WhatsApp, you’ll get a message updated via popup notifications. Then you can also update the director by clicking on it. If you do an igore, you can come and update on our website.

Check update

If you don’t know when WhatsApp updates come, whether the update has come or not. So today you can go to GBWA settings and find this update. You have to go to settings, click on the update settings, then tell the update as soon as you click, then you can come to our website and update this GB WA.

Last Words

If you want to download this GB WhatsApp app for free in your iphone, you can’t do it. Because the iphone has not yet made it, you can use this GBWA only on Android devices.

We have provided more and more fumble information about this GBWhatsApp app, so hopefully, you must have liked this information and you must have installed GBWA on the Android device. If you have liked this information, share this post more and more on social media and like and follow our Facebook and Telegram channels. Thank you..!

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