Thursday, June 4, 2020

USB Audio Player PRO v5.5.9 [Paid] APK is Here ! [Latest]

USB Audio Player PRO

High quality media player supporting USB audio DACs up to 32-bit resolution and any sample rate! Will play any popular format including wav, flac, mp3 and DSD files.

This app is a must have for every HiFi enthusiast, bypassing all audio limits of Android. Without a USB DAC, the app is still one of the highest quality media players around. Note that you need a USB OTG cable to connect your DAC, any class compliant USB audio device should work.”Before this I was happy flirting between Neutron Player, Jet Audio Player Pro, PowerAmp and the new Sony Music App. I no longer need to bother with any of those again – the pure sound from this app leaves them all behind!” – user review

• Plays wav/flac/ogg/mp3/DSD/aiff/aac/m4a/ape/cue/etc. files (even 24-bit or 32-bit).
• Supports a USB audio DAC connected by a OTG cable (if your Android device supports USB host)
• Plays natively up to 32-bit/384kHz or any other rate/resolution your DAC supports by completely bypassing the Android audio system. Other Android players are limited to 16-bit/48kHz, even on Android 5.
• DSD-over-PCM support for native DSD playback and DSD-to-PCM conversion if the DAC does not support DSD (.dff/.dsf files)
• Folder playback
• Network playback using Samba shares (should work with Windows and NAS)
• Stream audio from Sh-outcast ( ) and manually entered radio stations
• Stream audio directly from Tidal
• Android media database playback with playlists. Play albums or create your own play lists from a list of songs
• Gapless playback
• Sample rate conversion (if your DAC doesn’t support the audio file’s sample rate, it will be converted to a higher sample rate if available or the highest if not available)
• 10-band equalizer (can be turned off)
• No root required, but when your device has root access there is a tweak option that could eliminate audio glitching should you experience it (for example when the screen is off)
• Software and hardware volume control (when applicable)
• Shuffle / repeat

Warning: this is not a generic driver, you can only playback from within this app. It is not possible to use your USB audio device using this software with other apps!

Android 5 users: although Android 5 has some support for USB DACs, it is limited to 16-bit and sample rates of 44100/48000Hz. For high quality playback, you still need this app to enjoy 24-bit music at any sample rate your DAC supports.

What’s New:
* Added ‘Quick start’ option to the Network settings which results in faster start of playback
* Fix for USB2 DACs were querying the hardware volume range failed
* Fixed another race condition that could result in a crash when disconnecting a USB DAC
* Added HiRes support for Redmi K20 and Cat S61
* New MorphIt profiles for Beats Powerbeats Pro, AKG K371, Apple AirPods Pro, Samsung Galaxy buds, Status CB-1/OB-1, Sennheiser IE-6/IE-40 pro, Beyerdynamic T1, Fostex TH-600/TH-610/TH-900
and more…

How to Install ?

  1. Download the Cracked Apk from below Link
  2. Install it on your device
  3. Done, Enjoy


USB Audio Player PRO (7,49 €+, Google Play) →

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